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Harvard — Real World Hogwarts

  Harvard College is one of the two colleges within the Harvard University.  It is the oldest tertiary institution in North America, and was founded today, in 1636. The Harvard dining hall (The Annenburg Hall) looks so spectacular…and eerily like the hall at Hogwarts, from the Harry Potter movies. You’d think that learning would be […]

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So, I lied just a bit.

Back in June I blithely announced I was heading off on a writing and blogging vacation.  I so appreciated the messages of farewell I received, and they made me feel a bit guilty. Because I was lying. I did take a vacation from writing and blogging, but I wasn’t lazing around on a beach, restoring

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Working Notes – What I’m Reading – February 13

What I’m listening to, actually.  Unusual, for me, I know.  Mark is a huge TED Talks fan, and if he watches a particularly good one, he’ll grab me by the elbow, nail me to the floor for the ten or twelve minutes the talk lasts, and make me keep still long enough to watch it. 

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