Stuff We Don’t Have To Do Anymore

Perserving Food To Feed The Family For A Year

Another post in the continuing series on things we don’t have to do anymore. These days, pickling vegetables and making jam is either a quaint past time mostly within the province of women, or it is a survival skill developed by preppers for when the shit hits the fan. Time was, collection, preserving and storing

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Making Cloth – Part 2

In the first part of this long post, I described the long process involved in turning any type of fiber (wool, flax, silk, cashmere, cotton) into strands for weaving, to produce cloth, and how labour intensive it was in the past, when machines didn’t do all the work for us. All That Was A Woman’s

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Making Cloth – Part 1

Look Around You In a second, I’m going to ask you to lift your head up and look around your current location. I want you to take a quick tally of everything you can see that has a textile component.  That is, any fabric, anything woven. Okay, take thirty seconds and have a look. …

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