Lingerie – Showing Your Bra Straps

It started as a thing among the high school girls, and it has virused its way up to the older generations now, as a “hip” thing to do. Along with multiple coloured skinny adjustable straps for multiple camisoles layered on top of each other, two of those straps are going to be for the bra …

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Lingerie – Make Your Own

Lingerie – Make Your Own Manufacturers of lingerie would like you to think that there’s a whole lot of high-tech engineering and design involved in their incredibly expensive lingerie. There isn’t. Once you understand a few basic design concepts — the primary one being proper support in a bra, then making your own lingerie is …

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Lingerie – A Woman’s Secret Weapon

 Mothers the world over, for at least three generations, taught their daughters to always wear clean underwear, least they be caught dead in shoddy undergarments.  And thus at least a century of women were train to be paranoid about being caught in public in a state of undress and that what you wore under your …

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