Free Halloween Candy For You!

Tony Hernandez

It’s Halloween!

I can’t resist the fun of Halloween.  Even though I’ve learned to resist the copious quantities of sugar everywhere, the creepy supernatural origins of the day fit right in with paranormal themed…everything.

I can’t hand out candy on the Interweb…not this century.  But I can hand out different goodies.

A free short paranormal romance.

Noah always knocked on Aysel’s door the same way, including the last time he knocked, five hours after his funeral.

A short and sweet Halloween treat.

This is a short story.  You could enjoy a long coffee and the story for dessert.

This story is part of the Short Paranormals collection.
Eva’s Last Dance
Solstice Surrender
Three Taps, Then…
The Well of Rnomath

A Short, Sweet Paranormal Romance

Praise for Three Taps, Then…

She makes you feel many different emotions, but to do the same thing in a quick, short story is totally amazing to me!

It always impresses me how succinctly Tracy Cooper-Posey can tell a story while still creating interesting and three dimensional characters whom I want to see happy!

I loved the Halloween twist to this story too.

My Heart melted (yup I’m a softy). Thank You for sharing such a Sweet Story.

A perfect 5 stars on the tease meter!!

Great read for a short Halloween story so close to Halloween.




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