Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Some of you may already know Mark from conventions of the past -- we've attended quite a few and he's made more than a name for himself while he's been having a very nice time, thank you.  :)    Or you may simply know him from my references to him in passing throughout my blog posts.

The Bookish Snob is Talking To Me Today.

I'm at The Bookish Snob today for the next stop of the Bannockburn Binding book tour. Stop by to say hello and another chance to win a copy of Blood Knot.  I'm talking about why time travel romances wouldn't work out in real life. See you there! Tracy  

I’m At Fiction Vixen Today

Stop #1 of the Bannockburn Binding book tour starts today with Fiction Vixen. Swing by for an excerpt that hasn't been seen anywhere else, and drop a line saying hello.  I'm giving away a copy of Blood Knot today, too! See you there! Tracy  

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