Love This Road

Mark Posey is my special guest blogger today.  If you're new to the blog and Mark's last name strikes you as a coincidence, you're not wrong.  Mark is the guy that I have been referring to endlessly in my posts for the last six years that I have been blogging.  Mark has recently hung up

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Some of you may already know Mark from conventions of the past -- we've attended quite a few and he's made more than a name for himself while he's been having a very nice time, thank you.  :)    Or you may simply know him from my references to him in passing throughout my blog posts.

Watch Katheryn Wallis – And Your Chance to Win an Amazon Gift Card

I'm very pleased to host erotic romance author Katheryn Wallis today.  She's touring her contemporary erotic romance, Letting Jack Watch, and celebrating its release in paperback.  Katheryn is giving away an Amazon gift card today to one reader, so don't forget to say hello. ______________ Who are your favourite authors? I only discovered romance and

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