Some winners and some not-so-good

Anyone else find the days blending together a bit?  My son’s beard length has been telling the passing of time for me.

I’m only aware of the day because I am on a schedule for my books and I have chatting with you guys.  And you are chatty! You have made me keenly aware of the isolation everyone is feeling by how many amazing responses I have been seeing from all of you.  It’s really lovely that in this time of global uncertainty, we seem to be coming together rather than standing apart.

Mark is attempting to make bread this afternoon. It certainly looks good! I’ll let you know how it turns out.  We have been cooking some truly different meals with the lack of selection at the grocery store. Another stretch of my creativity I suppose. But we’ve found some real winners! Some not-so-goods, but most of them are edible, at least! 🙂

What have you noticed in your life as a positive during these times?

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