Sherlock Holmes and Free Paranormal for the Weekend.

Chronicles of the Lost Years by TRacy Cooper-PoseyWe’ve all seen Sherlock Holmes on television and the big screen clashing with Moriarty and solving apparently unsolvable problems in Victorian London, and now the twenty-first century.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, though, did cast an unstoppable problem for Holmes – he called it “The Final Problem” and in the original story, both Moriarty and Holmes fell to their doom into the Reichenbach Falls.

Conan Doyle was heartily sick of writing about the consulting detective, which is why he neatly killed him off.  When he did, readers went into mourning over the death of Sherlock Holmes.  They wore black arm bands and set up persistent letter writing campaigns.

Eventually, Conan Doyle caved and seven years later, he brought Sherlock Holmes back to life in “The Adventure of the Empty House,” where he explained Holmes’ three year absence to Watson in a miserly single paragraph.  The later stories never achieved quite the same tone and enthusiasm of the earlier stories.

This three year absence of Holmes’ became the infamous Great Hiatus.

There have been many fictional attempts by other authors to explain what Holmes did while he was away from Baker Street, and why he stayed away so long without letting Watson know.

Chronicles of the Lost Years is my version.  I am a Sherlockian – a Sherlock Holmes fan and once, long ago, I was a committee member of the Sherlock Holmes Society.

Chronicles of the Lost Years has been released today in both paperback and ebook everywhere except Canada, where it has been available in paperback for many years already.

You can pick up a copy from Amazon here.

Here’s the blurb:

When Sherlock Holmes was at the peak of his success he disappeared, abruptly, for three years. Dr. Watson believed him to be dead. No one knows what happened to him in those years…until now.

Watson takes up his pen one last time to describe in a private memoir the true tale of Holmes’ adventures during his three-year absence from Baker Street and provides a fictional explanation for many of the mysteries and inaccuracies found within the Sherlock Holmes collection of stories and novels.

The answers come in the shape of a woman – Elizabeth Sigerson. Elizabeth is independent, practical, a crack shot with a pistol and definitely not a woman of her time. Elizabeth is embroiled in Holmes’ life just when Holmes scheme to expose Moriarty is culminating. She can more than hold her own against Holmes’ abilities but she has a secret that Holmes is compelled to solve…


BLOOD KNOT by Tracy Cooper-PoseyFor the vampire romance fans, today is the last day to pick up Blood Knot free from Amazon.  It is climbing the charts!  As I write this quick note it is currently sitting at

#4 on the Fantasy Romance list

#58 on the Romance Best Seller List

#119 on the Overall Best Seller List

Get yours now!  It goes back to normal retail price at midnight!

If you’ve already grabbed a copy, pass this post onto friends you know who like spice with their vampires.

Winter, a professional thief who can manipulate others’ biologies by touch, accidentally “healed” her former partner–and former vampire–Sebastian, whom she secretly loves. Her healing created a symbiot pairing between them that neither of them wants.

Nathanial, a sexy thousand-year-old vampire and Sebastian’s ex-lover, talks Sebastian and Winter into stealing evidence that will expose all vampires to the world. But Nathanial is a puppet-master who doesn’t believe in falling in love with humans, leaving Winter unsure of his real feelings for her once he seduces her, or how he feels about Sebastian, the former vampire-now-human whose life he has turned upside down once more.

But the evidence they steal is hot property. The future of all vampires is on the line and others will stop at nothing to get it, leaving Sebastian, Winter and Nathanial with no allies but each other. They must trust each other to survive. Only…can they?

WARNING:  This book contains two hot, sexy alpha heroes, frequent, explicit and frank sex scenes and sexual language.
It includes heart-stopping sexual scenes between the aforementioned sexy heroes, menage  scenes, anal sex and the use of sex toys.  Don’t proceed beyond this point if hot love scenes offend you.
No vampires were harmed in the making of this novel.

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