Scandalous Sirens Book 3 — Perilous Princess

Perilous 3DThe Scandalous Sirens series has been a runaway success for me and Julia Templeton, who co-wrote the first two books with me.  So it seemed fitting to finish the series.

Julia now concentrates on YA paranormals, writing as J.A. Templeton, so I wrote the third and final book by myself, with Julia’s blessing.

We’ve been threatening for years to write Rhys Davies’ story.  As the unacknowledged bastard son of a lord, and a commoner, it seemed only fitting that Rhys fall in love with a Princess.  Nothing scandalous about that at all, right?  🙂


Rhys Davies is the bastard son of an English lord who refused to acknowledge him. He has made his own way and as one of the best attorneys in London, he is absorbed in his work and content. When he fails to retain a distinguished client because of his unmarried state, he sets out to search for a wife to enhance his professional reputation.

Annalies of Saxe-Weiden is a landless princess. Her father’s principality was overthrown by its people. Now Annalies must find a way to live among the elite of London’s society, but her strange family life, her foreign up-bringing and the secrets she keeps make her an oddity among the ton.

Anna is the last person Rhys would consider marrying. Not only is she royalty and cousin to Queen Victoria, she is a most disagreeable woman who reads books and quotes Shakespeare better than he. The physical attraction they feel is a nuisance that swiftly entangles them in a scandal that threatens both their lives….

WARNING:  This book contains frequent sex scenes and sexual language.

Perilous Princess is part of the Scandalous Sirens series
Book 1:  Forbidden (co-writing with Julia Templeton)
Book 2:  Dangerous Beauty (co-writing with Julia Templeton)
Book 3:  Perilous Princess


Perilous Princess will be released on October 30, and as usual, it is already available for pre-order.

Also as usual, the pre-order price is discounted by 25% — the price will move to full retail shortly after the release date.

To celebrate the release, Julia and I had all the covers reworked, to match that fabulous purple dress on the first one:

Sirens Covers Array

Pre-Order Perilous Princess now:

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