New Covers for my Sherlock Holmes books – Wow!

With the imminent launch of the first book in my Sherlock Holmes series, Chronicles of the Lost Years, Dar Albert has completed the new covers for the two books in the series and they’re fantastic.

They pay homage to my current favourite TV Sherlock Holmes, the BBC’s Sherlock played by Benedict Cumberbatch, while still maintaining the original feel of the stories, which were written quite a while ago.

Here’s the blurb:

When Sherlock Holmes was at the peak of his success he disappeared, abruptly, for three years. Dr. Watson believed him to be dead. No one knows what happened to him in those years…until now.

Watson takes up his pen one last time to describe in a private memoir the true tale of Holmes’ adventures during his three-year absence from Baker Street and provides a fictional explanation for many of the mysteries and inaccuracies found within the Sherlock Holmes collection of stories and novels.

The answers come in the shape of a woman – Elizabeth Sigerson. Elizabeth is independent, practical, a crack shot with a pistol and definitely not a woman of her time. Elizabeth is embroiled in Holmes’ life just when Holmes scheme to expose Moriarty is culminating. She can more than hold her own against Holmes’ abilities but she has a secret that Holmes is compelled to solve…


Chronicles of the Lost Years will be $4.99 in ebook.   It will also be available in paperback (price t.b.a.).  There will be a soft release very shortly.  If you’d like a personal tap on the shoulder when it becomes available, subscribe to my newsletter, RSS feed, or email feed.

The Case of the Reluctant Agent - A Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Tracy Cooper-Posey


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