My Life – Bloody Snow! Sheesh!

Bus WindowI honestly cannot believe this weather.  This is a photo I took through the window of my bus, this morning on the way to work.  Here we are, two days away from May and it’s snowing!

The one good thing inclement weather like this is good for is tucking oneself up with a great story.  I did exactly that on Saturday.  I got to indulge myself with a day of writing.  The whole day.  All day.  Mark was the perfect writer’s husband. He got on with his own stuff, made lunch, brought tea, and didn’t bitch about a lack of attention or conversation, or my complete and utter mental absence from the house for the entire day.

I emerged at five p.m. with nearly forty pages written, blissfully happy, and…itching to write more.

This is a book I have been dreaming about writing for nearly two years now, but have been putting off because I was waiting for the first two books in the series to return to me.  The series, of course, is Kiss Across Time, and on May 1 (two days!!!) I get to release the first book of the series, also called Kiss Across Time, and on June 1, the second book, Kiss Across Swords.

The book I’m currently writing (and 60% finished) is Kiss Across Chains.  It’s virtually writing itself, because this is a story I’ve been thinking about for two years.

Hurry up, Wednesday!


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