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It’s getting closer to Christmas.  This is the second last of the boxed sets for the holiday season, released a few days ago.

I love that Dar Albert, the cover artist, made Taylor look older on this cover than she looks on the first boxed set–for Taylor is older, not just in years, but in wisdom and experience. She’s seen a lot happen in the few years between the first book of the series and these ones.

The next four fabulous stories in the time travel paranormal romance series!

New friends and relationships expand time travel for Brody, Veris and Taylor. Meet Alexander, Rafe and Sydney and share their adventures across the timescape—while old enemies and time itself threatens the friends at every turn.

Kiss Across Deserts

Time travel is not for the weak of heart.

When a kiss sends Alex and Sydney back to Alex’s beloved desert, and he realizes that Taylor is not the only one who can time travel, the questions pile up like gunpowder.The flint that strikes the spark is Sydney’s past, which is exposed when Rafael reaches through time and uncovers her dangerous secret.

I just couldn’t put it down once I started it, but who needs sleep?! – Reader Review.

Kiss Across Kingdoms

They must go back in time because history says they already have.

A secret cipher inside an ancient seal insists Rafe and Sydney travel back through time to Powys, the most powerful kingdom of old Wales, but when they jump back they are separated. Rafe finds himself in Powys, scribe to the king.Sydney is in the land of the Lady of Mercia, alone in a time she doesn’t know.The two must find a way back to each other across the warring kingdoms, while Alex tries desperately to help them, from eleven centuries into the future…

I was anxiously waiting for Alex, Sydney, and Rafael to continue their story, and WOW, was it worth the wait. !!! – Reader Review.

Time And Tyra Again*

One hundred years ago, a meeting was arranged that would alter the course of history.

In 1191 at the Siege of Acre, Alexander Karim helped Brody Gallagher escape death by immolation. When Alex arrives in York, England, one hundred years later for their appointed meeting, he sees instead someone from his human life—Tyra of Norwich, who died two hundred years ago.

The link back, and explanation, of why certain events happened was very satisfying for me, as an avid fan of the series. – Reader Review.

Kiss Across Seas

History doesn’t always repeat.Sometimes, it destroys.

To protect everyone she loves from the threats of their greatest enemy, Sydney flings herself back in time to eleventh century Egypt, where she meets a very human Alexander.Her arrival causes the death of the knight who would have drawn Alex to Jerusalem, and destroys a chain of events that ends with Sydney, Rafe and Alex meeting in the twenty-first century.

Time travel has always been an interesting concept, but Cooper-Posey takes it to another level because her stories arc over an entire series – and over several centuries. I LOVE IT!!! – Reader Review.

Reader Advisory: This paranormal time travel box set features super-hot alpha vampire heroes, and explicit sex scenes. Do not read this series if frank sexual language offends you. The time-space continuum was restored to order at the end of this book. Promise.

This book is part of the Kiss Across Time paranormal time travel series:
1.0: Kiss Across Time
2.0: Kiss Across Swords
2.5: Time Kissed Moments*
3.0: Kiss Across Chains
3.5: Kiss Across Time Box One
4.0: Kiss Across Deserts
5.0: Kiss Across Kingdoms
5.1: Time And Tyra Again*
6.0: Kiss Across Seas
6.5: Kiss Across Time Box Two
7.0: Kiss Across Worlds
7.1: Time and Remembrance*
8.0: Kiss Across Tomorrow
8.1: More Time Kissed Moments*

[*Time Kissed Moments are short stories, novellas and collections featuring the characters and situations featured in the Kiss Across Time series.]

The series has ongoing storylines and characters. Reading the books in order is recommended.

A Time Travel Vampire Romance Boxed Set

Here’s the first interstitial essay from the boxed set.


The Case Against Monogamy

Kiss Across Deserts presented a challenge for me. For the four books in the series to date, the same three principals had featured. I was very, very comfortable with Brody, Veris and Taylor and would have been happy to keep writing adventures featuring only them.

However, I had quickly become acquainted with the Catch-22 of the romance genre.

A romance novel is all about what is keeping the heroes and heroines apart, until they resolve those differences.

When romances first burst upon the market as a category of their own, the convention that was accepted by publishers, authors and readers—all of Romanceland, in fact—was that the love found in the pages of romance novels was complete, enduring and forever. Once the hero and heroine had committed to each other, it was locked in for life and bliss would reign from then on.

As soon as I started writing Kiss Across Swords, the second book of the series, I quickly realized that in order to write a romance, I had to separate this seemingly welded-together threesome in a way which put the relationship in genuine jeopardy.

As soon as I did that, I would break with the Romanceland convention that love is forever.

It took a huge amount of work to figure out how to create a “new” romance with the same threesome, while not breaking with the convention that love endures and can conquer all.

I managed the same trick with some sleight of hand, in Kiss Across Chains, while Time Kissed Moments was a series of flashbacks, so a romance did not have to be broken in order for me to recreate it.

That Romance Catch-22–that in order to write a romance about a previously established couple/threesome, one must destroy their unbreakable love first—meant that, as much as I wanted to keep writing about Brody, Veris and Taylor, I couldn’t keep busting them up. It would become unrealistic.

But I could keep them in the story world and write about someone else. I had the someones already in mind, way back in Chains, when I introduced Sydney and dangled her in front of Alex, and also introduced Rafe, back in the past.

The challenge was whether I could write about another time-travelling threesome, and find a groove with them, as I had with Brody, Veris and Taylor.

I didn’t know much about Alex, nothing about Sydney and only a skerrick about Rafe. Alex’s character had burst upon the page in Swords the same way Brody and Veris had strutted into view in Time. Rafe and Sydney required more work to come to life.

Nervously, I started writing Kiss Across Deserts in March of 2015. The first half of the book took twice as long to write as the second half. Then…I stepped over an invisible line. I don’t know what that line was—possibly, I had finally put Veris and Brody and Taylor to one side as secondary characters for this story and was focused upon Alex and Rafe and Sydney and felt free to tell their stories with gusto. Or perhaps I’d finally got to know them well enough to fully invest in their lives.

After the book was finished, I went back and rewrote the first half, now I knew the three better, confident that I could write about someone other than Brody, Veris and Taylor in this story world.

I released Kiss Across Deserts in May 2015. I didn’t know it yet, but that was my last year working a day job, and this would be the last Kiss book I wrote around my 9-5 routine.



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