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Lucifer's Lover by Tracy Cooper-PoseyLucifer’s Loveris a long contemporary romance, one of only two I’ve ever written, and it’s free until Sunday.

Get it while it’s hot.

Can you love the one you hate?

Lindsay is determined to outshine her mother’s illustrious career. As head of marketing for the exclusive Freeman Hotel, in the rarefied mountains of northern Washington, Lindsay grapples with her rival, the charming newcomer, Lucifer Furey Pierse.

No one knows much about Luke except that he could turn murder into a comedy routine, that he likes classy women and is oddly drawn to the prickly, definitely not-interested Lindsay.

It starts with a bet that goes horribly wrong. If Lyndsay wins, then Luke leaves town—forever. If Luke wins, he gets a date with Lyndsay. But when Luke wins and Lindsay is forced to pay the price, she learns more about Lucifer Furey Pierse than she thought existed, and the date kick-starts a bitter-sweet journey as they learn why they are the people they have become.

Then life hands them an unexpected twist they must deal with…one that tests both of them to limits.


Reviewer’s Top Pick – Night Owl Reviews

Lucifer’s Lover is an emotionally vested romance between two people who think they know what they want. Fact is they truly have no clue until fate forces them to face them to take a cold hard look at what’s important. Lyndsay and Luke are exceptionally drawn characters. – Kristi Ahlers, Amazon Top 500 reviewer.

Lucifer’s Lover had me breathless from the first page …You will not want to miss this tale that will have your crying with the characters as they face their hurt and rejoicing. — Briana for Romance Junkies

I could not help but fall in love with this well-written story and the characters on their path to self-discovery. Cherokee, Coffee Time Romance.

The ending is so real-life, the arguments, the words and actions draws the reader into the characters lives and you’re left feeling as though you’ve experienced the entire thing yourself. … I personally can’t wait to pick up another of her novels. — Valeen, The Romance Readers Connection

Lucifer’s Lover is an obsessively enchanting tale of a battle of wills that turns into a life changing romance. If you love your characters with a bit of gumption and a whole lot of personality then this is one you cannot pass up. — Sheryl for eCataromance

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