It’s Just a Job: Fairies

It’s Just a Job: Fairies

Fairies, or the Fae, have multiple sources within mythology, and come in a vast range of shapes and sizes, from small pixie-type creatures to human-sized ones, from fair to ugly, to human in guise, to demonic-looking.  Fairies can come with wings or without them, or can choose to display them or not.  There are seal fairies, tree fairies, flower fairies, brownies, and more.

And this buffet of fae species existed even before popular fiction authors began to add to the list.

When it comes to the purpose and work of fairies, then the range again explodes.  Some fairies have specific tasks in life:  Tooth fairies are one example.  Other fairies move outside human affairs and never mingle, managing their own complex worlds while barely hiding their disdain for humans.  There are fairies who steal children, others who simply steal objects, some who seem bent merely on causing mischief.  Fairies sometimes spend their time doing good: caring for trees and flowers, or animals, or certain humans assigned to them.  And fairies are also good at making war and fighting, when they need to.

Some fairies are seen as essentially harmless and playful, while at the other end of the scale, some fairies can be considered generally malevolent towards humans and far more powerful.  These fairies, when roused, make very bad enemies, especially with their good fighting skills.

No matter what type of fairy, however, they all have a common trait:  All fairies have supernatural abilities.  The types and degree of these powers is dictated by the author, but no fairy goes without at least some magical power.

The vast number and types of fairies to be found in fiction shows how popular they are among readers.  Authors keep inventing new twists on old variations and coming up with something unique to delight readers all over again.

Rather than give you a limited list of recent titles from Ellora’s Cave that feature fairies, now that I have self-published two novels it seems only reasonable to open up the list to include self-published titles, too.  This link to Amazon will give you a search page that includes all ebooks that feature fairies.  That will include Ellora’s Cave titles, self-published titles, and other publishers’ titles, too, as I can’t narrow down the search more than this.


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