Happy Birthday, Elizabeth Tudor

I like history, and I admire strong women.  It’s usually the strong women that get noted by name in history, and Elizabeth (“The Great”) is one of the biggest names in history.  Born this day in 1533, in Greenwich, Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry V and Ann Boleyn.

She was never expected to be queen, as there was an older daughter, Mary.  But Mary died before taking the throne, and Elizabeth inherited the crown.

Even then, the country and Elizabeth’s advisors expected that, as she was female, Elizabeth would merely find a suitable husband and king who would do the ruling while she would punch out regal heirs and the country could get back to normal.

They discounted Elizabeth’s heritage.  Elizabeth was the daughter of two of the smartest people in the world and she was incredibly intelligent.  Instead of hiding her intelligence, as was expected of women in those days, she used it.  Elizabeth became known as the virgin queen, as she allowed rulers, kings and courtiers around the world to angle for the empty side of her throne, while she sewed up treaties, alliances and trade deals, and expanded English influence and territories around the globe.

She remained steadfastly unmarried, which kept the crown and the power in her hands — a very smart woman, indeed.


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