Free Romantic Suspense stories to scoop up and read

Over a year ago, I put up a flash fiction RS story on the site.  Deadweight is part of the Dead Again story world.  It was up on the site for a grand three weeks.

Then Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine wanted to buy Dead Drop, also part of the same story world, and I had to pull Dead Drop down from sale.  Which also meant, for one reason or another, I had to pull down Deadweight and the bonus story that pops up at the end of it, Dead End

The only problem?  AHMM takes over a year to decide if they want a story or not. 

So I have only in the last week heard that they want neither story, which I see as a blessing in disguise, because now I can put all the inter-related stories back up for you guys to access and read. 

Which is what I’ve done. 

These are all part of the Dead Again story world.  You can read them (all except one) without having read Dead Again, but if you read Dead Again first, then they’ll round out the story, the characters and their back histories, and wrap everything up in a neat bundle for you.

Deadweight is a very early story prequel, and very short.  You can read it on my stie at .

Dead End is a short story that follows on from Deadweight, featuring the same characters — you’ll find the information about how to acquire it at the end of Deadweight.

Then there’s little cameos and bonus scenes sprinkled through the emails that deliver Dead End to you.

Next in story time is Dead Again, which is a full novel you can get here.

Dead Drop is a sequel to Dead Again, and this is probably the only story you should not read if you haven’t read Dead Again yet.  There’s a massive spoiler in there.  (And writing the book description and trying to avoid that spoiler was a tough nut to crack!).  Dead Drop is currently only available on my publisher site, Stories Rule Press.  Details here.

So, lots of stories, story fragments and bits and pieces to work your way through!


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