Last Days for this Free Historical Romance, and a more

Some quick updates and notices before the holiday fun times kick in. These have deadlines, so I wanted to draw your attention to them.

His Parisian Mistress goes back to full retail tomorrow

Today is the last day that His Parisian Mistress, Book 1 of the Scandalous Family – The Victorians historical romance series, is free on all retailers, including my own site.   As of tomorrow, it goes back to full retail pricing, everywhere.

You can pick up a copy directly from me, here, or you can head to your preferred bookseller, here.

Taylen Carver’s Urban Fantasy Series deal is shutting down

If you like your urban fantasy “straight” as well as the romance kind, then check out fellow SRP author Taylen Carver’s Kickstarter project, where you can pick up every title in their urban fantasy series, Magorian & Jones, plus a bonus story, too.

The Kickstarter shuts down in 72 hours, so this is a last chance to take advantage of the deal.    Details here.

Watch your email inbox tomorrow!

If you’ve been subscribed to my email list for more than a year, then you can probably guess why you should be watching your inbox tomorrow.  If you’re new to my list, then you’ll find out why…tomorrow.  🙂

Either way, I’m hinting now, so you don’t miss the email.


That’s it for quick updates.  It’s Christmas Eve.  I hope you all have a fabulous time tomorrow and throughout your holiday break. 


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