A Christmas Romance release, just in time for Christmas!

There is a vast difference between how the southern hemisphere celebrates Christmas and how the northern hemisphere celebrates Christmas.  But weirdly, there are some remarkable similarities, because Christmas was exported from Up-Over.  I grew up eating mince pies and fruit cake on Christmas Day, along with all the other traditional meal ingredients.  Although we ate roast chicken, rather than roast turkey. 

In the south, we were buried in northern hemisphere images of Christmas.  Movies, Christmas cards, and all the retail advertising featured snow and sleighs, etc.  So when I moved to Canada, a traditional northern Christmas didn’t feel all that odd to me.  It was enormous fun to eat a roast dinner with snow visible through the window.

But northern hemisphere residents have a harder time adapting to Christmas Down Under.  It just doesn’t feel right to most of them — or so any Up Over guests always told us. 

If you’ve never experienced Christmas in summer, then you will find Burying His Ghost of Christmas Past a small taste of what it would feel like, for the story is set in the north of Western Australia.  Up there, the people who live and work on cattle stations live a very different life.  Celebrating Christmas is a unique experience.

Burying His Ghost of Christmas Past was released today on all retailers, and is also available on my site, too.  It’s available in ebook and print (and the print edition is so cute!!)

Just in time for Christmas, “masterful” (Romantic Times Magazine) author Tracy Cooper-Posey gives us a Christmas romance story that only she could write.

Nearly twenty years ago, Dane walked away from Narelle on the eve of their wedding.  To escape the humiliation, Narelle fled from outback Australia to big city New York, to focus on her career.

Now she’s back home for Christmas, with every intention of burying the last of her feelings about Dane by good, old-fashioned confrontation….

A Christmas-in-Australia, second chance romance short story that you really don’t want to miss from an Amazon #1 Bestseller in Short Fiction.

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