A Kickstarter campaign worth checking out.

I’m kinda excited about this, even though it’s not my books or series that are involved.  My publisher, Stories Rule Press, has just launched their first Kickstarter campaign, featuring fellow SRP author Taylen Carver’s urban fantasy series, Magorian & Jones, and the newest book in that series, The Rivers Ran Red

I mentioned Kickstarter this morning in the BookFunnel email, but for this post, which goes out to everyone, I wanted to focus specifically on the SRP project. 

If you’ve never stopped by Kickstarter or sponsored a campaign, if you have no idea what Kickstarter is, then the simplest way to describe it is as a very fun way to shop for new books.  An author will start a Kickstarter campaign that will help fund the release of a book, or a boxed set, or an audio edition…there’s all sorts of project types just in the publishing side of Kickstarter.  

You as a sponsor get to pick which level of sponsorship you want.  Each level will come with bonuses and goodies.  Maybe you’d prefer the print version, or the deluxe leatherbound version, or you want all of the books that came before this one….  The bonuses and goodies are only limited by the campaign builder’s imagination. 

For example, Brandon Sanderson recently ran a Kickstarter campaign that included limited edition, signed, leather-bound copies of his latest book.  He raised nearly $50 million dollars for the project!

There are some amazing projects to be found there.  Perhaps in the near future, one of them will be mine. 🙂

Check out Taylen Carver’s project here.


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