Are you ready for Christmas yet?

This is the first post I’ve written since getting out of hospital for the second time.  One of the things I’ve discovered since I got home (beside the fact that my slippers are able to move independently, because they were not where I left them when I went to hospital), is that I have not updated anyone here on this blog and newsletter about my health issues and the impact on my books. 

I’ve spoken about it freely on Facebook, as so many people have asked for updates, but I overlooked readers who may only keep up with my news here on my site.

I will correct that in the next week or so.

In the meantime, we’re two weeks out from the release of Burying His Ghost of Christmas Past

I normally run a longish excerpt two weeks out, but as this is a short story, that will be, well, giving away the farm, so to speak.  (Or in the case of this story, I would be giving away the station.)

Instead, I wanted to draw your attention to the fact that even though Burying His Ghost of Christmas Past is a short story, there is a print edition.  It’s one of those cute little chapbook style booklets, with the full glossy cover and the same contents as the ebook — which includes as essay from me about Christmas, Australian style. 

I was thinking that if you’re looking for last minute Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, etc., and your gift recipient is a reader, the print edition would make a no-brainer gift.

Just in time for Christmas, “masterful” (Romantic Times Magazine) author Tracy Cooper-Posey gives us a Christmas romance story that only she could write.

Nearly twenty years ago, Dane walked away from Narelle on the eve of their wedding.  To escape the humiliation, Narelle fled from outback Australia to big city New York, to focus on her career.

Now she’s back home for Christmas, with every intention of burying the last of her feelings about Dane by good, old-fashioned confrontation….

A Christmas-in-Australia, second chance romance short story that you really don’t want to miss from an Amazon #1 Bestseller in Short Fiction.

As usual, if you pre-order directly from me, on the SRP site, you get your copy a week before everyone else — that is, next week.  Or if you don’t like pre-orders, you can just buy a copy directly from me next Thursday and still get your copy a week early.

All other retail stores will release the book on December 1.

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Take care, stay well.

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