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  1. Hmm… I wonder who this friend of yours might be? ;)

    This is a fascinating post with some revelations for me, for all that I should be familiar with everything you’ve written here. The Hobbit surprised me too… I wasn’t expecting to get sucked in like that (meaning that while I’d read the book and enjoyed it, I didn’t used to LOVE it like LOTR, and wasn’t obsessed with the movie version until after I’d seen it).

    Part of my newfound obsession, I now suspect from your characterization of the first film, is that it is indeed ‘totally a guy movie’. I might not be a guy, but I truly enjoy, and feel I can relate to, guy/action movies. And if you’re a fan of slash like I am, the lack of female romantic leads is absolutely no obstacle. Wink wink. That said, rumor has it there is indeed some romance coming in the second movie; Peter Jackson has cooked up a fictitious female elf guard who, some sources (including Aidan Turner so this is probably pretty solid) say, is supposedly going to catch Kili’s eye in Mirkwood.

    One more thing: you might want to brace yourself again, as there will be not just 2 Hobbit movies but 3. :DDD

    • Three movies, huh? I didn’t think you could stretch a tiny kids book like The Hobbit quite that far! Jackson has pulled in a huge amount of The Simarillon and other background LOTR stuff to fill it out, and make it a grown-up story (or is that “groan-up”?)

      Still, more Middle Earth and Thorin is good!


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