Look What Happened While I Wasn’t Looking

taxTax season. Ugh. Well, I’ve been a good girl and got mine done in a sweat-soaked, brain-haze-inducing ten days of concentrated spread-sheet meditation.

I lost four pounds in the effort and now I’ve come up for air and discovered:

“Fantastically Written Romantic Suspense”

Dead Again, Tracy Cooper-Posey, Romance, Romantic suspense, Suspense, Thriller, Romance novel, Indie author, Suspense novel, Montana, Mountains,

A five star review on Amazon for Dead Again — very nice.

Dead Again is a fantastically written romantic suspense that will

draw you in completely. From the plane crash and its aftermath to the nail-biting ending on millionaires’ row, you won’t be able to put this book down. Complex, hard-hitting, with gutsy characters so real you’ll want to meet them in person. Brava, Ms. Cooper-Posey!”

Christine – Amazon Reader


“A Scorching Hot Read”

A 4.5 Star Read from Love Romance Passion for Red Leopard — also very nice:Red Leopard by Tracy Cooper-Posey

“I would also love to see this translated into a movie or series. Nick seems to be the type of man that takes “no prisoners”. But he also shows a vulnerable side. I wonder how Tracy’s other heroes are portrayed in their stories.

This is a scorching hot read – although hot is just too mild a word. If you like your stories “spicy” than you have made the perfect choice. And if you liked it as much as I did, then you may want to continue the series. I don’t think Tracy will disappoint you.”

Thank you, Lynn Reynolds.


“Dead Double was a thrilling read!!

Dead Double by Tracy Cooper-PoseyA five star review from Bitten By Paranormal Romance for Dead Double — who got bitten by a romantic suspense, instead.

“I love when an author can keep you turning the pages furiously and trying to read ahead LOL. Sahara and Logan’s lives are turned upside down when they accidentally bump into each other on the street. Being mistaken as someone else brings her into a world that she knows nothing about, and closer to the man she can’t keep her thoughts away from.

If you love suspenseful, fast paced thrillers with a little romantic twist, than this is the perfect book. I loved it and i highly recommend it!!”

Thank you, Emi Lia



4.5 stars from Hearts on Fire reviews for Dead Again.

Dead Again, Tracy Cooper-Posey, Romance, Romantic suspense, Suspense, Thriller, Romance novel, Indie author, Suspense novel, Montana, Mountains,

“The one word that comes to mind to describe this book for me is riveting. I felt like I was glued to my seat and couldn’t put it down. From the very first page, my attention was hooked and I was carried away on a wave of longing and need – a need to know what would happen next and how things would turn out. I could completely imagine this story playing out on the big screen – it had that kind of feel and intensity to it.

I’d classify this primarily as a suspense story with a little bit of interwoven romance. I loved Jack and Sophie. Their characters were vivid and rich, both very strong and likeable. It was almost unimaginable for me to consider the circumstances under which they met and what I’d do, for example, in Sophie’s place. Things don’t get much more hellish than that, and yet, that encounter had such a profound effect in shaping Sophie’s life through choices she made without understanding the hidden meaning or implications.

Emotionally, this story took me through the proverbial wringer. From the OMG feelings of horror surrounding the plane crash, through tears for unfairness and loss, followed by hope and anticipation for new possibilities, surrounded by fear from evil villains and unknown danger, and finally blessed understanding and happiness, this one was quite the journey and gets a solid 4.5 stars from me.”

Thanks, Wendy.


And now…back to storytelling!!!!

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  1. Thanks, Anny!

    And while I’m always pathetically grateful for wonderful reviews, the taxes were so complicated this year with the indie publishing (try sitting in Canada, publishing in the US and selling copies around the world and seeing what that does to your tax return!) that I think I’m just as grateful, if not more so, to have the taxes done! LOL!!


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