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Demon RestrainedKelly Apple was my special guest here last week, and kindly offered a $10 Amazon Gift Card as a giveaway to readers who left a comment.

The winner, selected by the random number generator, was Abby, who has been contacted and has received their gift.  Congratulations, Abby!

And my thanks to Kelly for visiting.  Good luck with your book sales!


As I write this post, I am deep into the writing of Sian’s Run — it will be a novella or perhaps even a short novel, by the time I’m finished.  I’ve returned to my roots for a short while — this is a spicy hot MF romantic suspense.

Here’s the blurb, just to tease you:

The day her father died in prison, Sian Delaney ran.  For three years since, she has been living in the most remote corners of the world she can find, frequently moving on and erasing her trail.

The last person she ever expected to find her is Cain Coleman.  Cain ran her father’s empire, and Sian has secretly loved and lusted after him since puberty, but he is closely tied to the suspicions and doubts that have kept her running for three years.

Deep in the heart of the jungles of Papua New Guinea, Cain finds her, and so does the trouble she has been trying to outrun….

WARNING: This book contains frequent, explicit and frank sex scenes and sexual language.
It includes anal sex. Do not proceed beyond this point if hot love scenes offend you.
PS:  Don’t try this at home. 🙂


Sian - Title PageSian’s Run is part of the Go Get ‘em Women collection:

The Royal Talisman
Vivian’s Return
Delly’s Last Night
Ningaloo Nights
Sian’s Run

These titles are all stand-alone and can be read independently and in any order.

Flash Excerpt

She surged forward, heading for the track.  Adrenaline powered her legs, and she moved with a speed she’d never achieve under normal circumstances.  Instinct made her chop and change her direction, doing the funny little zig zag thing she’d seen in the movies an eon ago.  She was rewarded by the sound of someone heavy hitting the dirt as they tripped up over her quick direction changes.  They were chasing her!

She reached the edge of the jungle with not a shot fired, and knew she would make it now.  The freak had instructions not to kill her before the ATV arrived.  So the dude in charge could see to it, she supposed.  It was going to give her the chance she needed.

She almost dived into the heavy growth, the first tendrils of victory surging through her.

That was when the dark sharp rose up out of the undergrowth in front of her, big and heavy.  She slammed into it, felt a hard wall that creaked and gave under her impact.  She bounced backwards.  The heavy, unbalanced backpack pulled her down to the ground sidewise, and she let herself roll, pulling it with her.  Her arm socket creaked with the strain, but she held onto the strap with iron fingers.

Then they were on top of her, holding her down.  It felt like dozens of them, pinning every appendage.  Someone pried her fingers open and took the pack, and she screamed then, letting her terror take her.  This really was going to be the end, right here.

The light was playing on her, illuminating her so they could hold her properly, as the ATV thing rolled into the clearing.  Three of them.  Big army-style humvees, with jungle camouflage, one way windows, and huge truck tyres with treads as thick as her hand.

Their headlights added more illumination.  The sound of their motors had stirred the village.  Pete and the other senior males stepped out of their huts, blinking in the wash of artificial light.  There were black-clad figures all around the clearing, and they lifted their rifles when the villagers appeared, motioning them to return to their huts.

But Pete had seen her pinned to the ground and moved towards her, concern flooding his black face.

“No, Pete,” she gasped in Pidgin.  “Go back inside!”  She knew they’d kill him if he didn’t.

He hesitated, the whites of his eyes showing brightly in the wash of lights.

“Go back inside, now!” one of the men shouted in passable Pidgin.  It sounded like the Freak.

Two of the men – they had to be soldiers – stepped closer to Pete.  They didn’t quite point the rifles at him, but it was enough.  Pete reversed himself, one slow step at a time, until he stepped inside his hut.

The second ATV had pulled into the middle of the clearing, which put it neatly into the middle of the circle of men edging the clearing.  The doors opened, and Sian knew that whoever stepped out now would be the one who had been chasing her for the last three years.  The one who wanted to kill her.

A boot-clad foot reached down to settle on the dirt.  Jeans.  A big hand on the edge of the door.  The figure emerged, looking around.

Cain Coleman.

“Oh dear god,” Sian whispered, a cold wave washing through her.

Despite the wave, for one insane shining moment she was so glad to see him, she could have cried.  Cain was part of the fabric of her life.  Her former life.  He had once been woven into her days.  He had always just been there.  His voice was imprinted into her memory, the steady, unrelenting gaze of his eyes burned into her mind.


I don’t have a release date for Sian’s Run, but I’m hoping that by the time you read this, it will be close to ready!

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  1. Absolutely delicious. I really can’t wait to get my hands on this one.. You are such a tease to give a blurb and I have no book to dive into.


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