Who Are YOU Bringing To Dinner?

DinnerRemember my post a few weeks ago – the five (six, seven) fictional people I would most like to have dinner with, and why?

I got an interesting bag of mail from that one, including a few suggestions for story people I hadn’t thought about in years (e.g., Ann of Green Gables).

But there were a number of readers who cried foul at not being able to include characters from my books.

Which is when I was struck by an interesting idea.

Who would you most like to see from my books – any book, any series, doesn’t matter – sitting at a big dinner table together? The laws of time and place don’t count. If they’re currently living in history or in the future somewhere, time travel will be arranged.

For a list of all my books, ever, click here. Each title on the list is clickable and opens up the book’s page, where you can see the back cover blurb and an excerpt, if you’d like the reminder.

I’ll consider the suggestions and mull it over. Then I’ll write a scene, or a short story, or perhaps use the scene to spark off a longer story – who knows?

But you will see those characters interacting together.

Add your suggestions to comments, or if you’re really shy, email me.

Let’s see what we come up with.


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