This Military Romance Series Returns to Full Retail Next Saturday

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, now that the COVID pandemic is officially over, all the series that I discounted by 50% to help readers in lockdown or financial straits afford something to read, are now being returned to full retail over the last few, and next few, weeks.

The next series to return to full retail is the Vistaria Has Fallen series — military romance with a twist — the military heroes are Latino, based in a fictitious island nation off the coast of Mexico.  The heroes and heroines face a bloody revolution that takes the entire series to play out.

All the books in the series are here.

Book One of the series, Vistaria Has Fallen, will remain free.

Books Two to Six will have their prices raised from $2.99 to $4.99 next Saturday.

There is a series boxed set, if you like boxed sets, and the price for that is not changing.

There is more about the series here:

Or you can jump straight to the store pages here:

If you have never bought books from SRP (my publisher and store) before, then stop by the front page on Stories Rule Press ( and pick up the introductory 10% off coupon code. 

If you’ve bought books from SRP before, you can use your rewards points to earn a discount on these already discounted books.

Or you can buy them from any other retail store (links are on SRP, too), without the discount.


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