Vampire Powers – Mental Domination. Let’s talk about it again.

This post first appeared on the blog in March 2012.  It was, alas, one of the final posts in a series I wrote about vampire powers. [The very last post in the series, if you're curious, was "Vampire Powers – Holy Objects, Garlic", in June of that year.] The earlier posts in the series were

A Kiss of Vampires…The Kiss of Death?

There's a lot of vampire paranormal and urban fantasy fiction out there, and I've read my fair share of it.  I've also watched a lot of it.  One of the trends I've noticed in a lot of the fiction is the tendency for vampires to cling together. Laurel K. Hamilton called a group of vampires

Vampire Powers – Mental Domination

Continuing the Vampire Powers series, this time we're looking at mental domination, also known as mind rolling, mental persuasion and various other names, depending upon the author. Not every author allows their vampires to have the ability to mentally dominate others, or allow all their vampires to have the power even if the ability exists

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