Mark here.

So, I’m about to leave for a three day wrestling road trip and Tracy’s getting ready. Having me on the road for three days means that she gets three days of uninterrupted writing time. And she wants to make the most of it. That means it’s time to clear the decks – get everything else done and out of the way. So, like any good husband, I asked what I could do to help.

And here I am…

Now, what the hell am I going to write about?

I could write about all the crazy, wild, three-way sex we have as research for her books… but, we’re not supposed to talk about that in public. 😉

I could write about how Diana By The Moon got me in big trouble, caused a huge fight and a burned dinner just after it was written… but why dredge up the past?

I could write about how important tagging books on is to an author and that I think you should go tag Tracy’s books… but, I’m sure Tracy wouldn’t want me to talk about that.

Or I could just say that I think my wife is a brilliant writer and an inspired storyteller. Just how good she truly is amazes me. And, if you’ve ever bought and read any of her books, I’m sure you’d agree with me. If you haven’t bought and read any of her books, what are you waiting for??? Go buy Blood Knot! It’s only $2.99 and then you’ll be able to see for yourself.

Oh wait, I could talk about the time that Tracy and I went to the Romantic Times Convention and she dressed me up in bondage gear and led me around on a leash… but, now I’m out of space.

Maybe next time… if she lets me.

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