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Greyson’s Doom – Cover coming soon!

I recently started a brand new book in a brand new series.

Actually, I’m lying.  It’s really not a “new” series, because there’s already a book out…and I’d better back up and explain, huh?

In August last year, I put out a short, stand-alone SFR (science fiction romance) story, called 5,001.  It was an actual short story, a sweet romance and my very first public act of science fiction.  🙂

Short stories are, because of their size, limited in the amount of space they have to show back-story, character histories and much about the story-world itself.  Everything is implied, alluded to or just plain assumed.

That makes science fiction short stories even harder to pull off because at the same time the author is being brief and to the point, she still has to create a fully-realized story world.  As the story world is most often set in a purely imagined future, the world-building needs much more room in order to convey the sense of time and place to the reader.

So I was probably being an idiot, making my first foray into a brand new sub-genre a short story instead of a novel.  A novel would have given me the elbow room to actually tell the story properly, but the story I wanted to tell would never have stretched for another 50,000 words or so.  It was a natural short story.

I had this great story and I didn’t want to wait.  I wanted you guys to have it, too.  So I released it (and I just love, love, love the cover – see it here.  Dar Albert is a miracle worker!).  As I mentioned, 5,001 was released in August.

The reception was great.  It still sells very well.  Only, the vast majority of reviews said that they would like to see more of the world of the Endurance (which is a gi-normous ship).  Readers kept saying they wanted more.

So I wrote more.

This time, it’s a full-sized novel.  Greyson’s Doom is book 1 of the new Endurance series, while 5,001 will revert to book 0.5.  (If you’d like to understand why I number the books the way I do, check out my series numbering post.)

This is my first post about the new book and the new series.  There’s no book page for it yet, although I do have a blurb and for today, a snippet to tease you.




The AI declares Greyson is going to die and he must train his replacement.

Captain Greyson Durant has been in the job for three months, the youngest captain to ever lead the Endurance, when he is assigned to mentor the even younger Emmaline Victore, who resents the disruption to her life and Grey, too…but the longevity of the Endurance depends on them finding a way to work together.

Greyson’s Doom is the first book in a new, suspenseful and imaginative science fiction romance series by award-winning SFR author Tracy Cooper-Posey, set aboard the closed-system marathon-class vessel Endurance, a generation ship a thousand years from its destinationIf you like the smart, romantic SF of authors like Linnea Sinclair and Anna Hackett, you will love Greyson’s Doom.

Dive into this thought-provoking new romance series today!

This book is part of the Endurance SFR series:

Book 0.5 5,001
Book 1.0 Greyson’s Doom
…and more to come!

An Excerpt From: Greyson’s Doom
Copyright © TRACY COOPER-POSEY, 2016
All Rights Reserved.

“Where does it end, though?” Emmie demanded.  “People like Bulgarelli…they will always find a way to work things for themselves.  They’ll always find the weakness.”


Emmie’s mouth parted.   Then she closed it and looked around quickly for eavesdroppers.  “That’s why you let them go unchecked.  You want them to find the weaknesses, so they can be strengthened.”

Grey lifted his shoulders in a tiny shrug.  “Unchecked, but closely watched.  The balance really is fragile.”  He nodded down toward the bottom row of seats.  “You should go back to your parents.  Yosef is starting to look unhappy.”

“Good night, Greyson.”  She turned and walked back to the door into the box.  Everyone watched her go, he noticed, including Defloss, who openly ogled her rear view and the fluttering hem of her skirt.

Grey made himself sit down once more.  His irritation didn’t lift even when the Hawks won two-zero, forty minutes later.  He reminded himself once more that he didn’t like coming to the games.

His dislike had nothing to do with the fact that one of the first people to greet Santis as he emerged from the tank at the end of the game was Emmie, whom he swept up into a hard hug, her slender figure tiny next to his huge frame.


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  1. You know how feel about your writing and Sci-Fi genre in particular. I CAN’T WAIT to see what you’ve up with for the cover and what exciting stories you have coming in this series. Holy Farscape, beam me up Scottie, can’t fracking wait.

    1. Thanks, Dina!

      You’re such a supportive reader…you always make my day.

      Details about the book soon, I promise!



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