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Ship in a Bottle.


other worlds logoOne of the joys of writing science fiction is the opportunity to create not just a single other world, but thousands of them, if you want.

I personally love new space opera, which does feature hundreds of worlds, spanning multiple star systems, even multiple galaxies.  The stories are of the same sort of scale–big, dramatic and with huge stakes.  They’re so much fun!

Of course, I’m biased, because among the first of the new space opera stories was Star Wars, and that movie was responsible for starting me on my writing career.

But “other worlds” doesn’t have to be so gi-normous.  Other worlds can be intimate.  An entire novel can take place on a single world, even though there are other worlds elsewhere.

Also, what about an other world that is enclosed within a single ship?  The entire world, all five thousand people, lives and dies aboard the ship, generation after generation, and no one ever looks beyond the hull and certainly no one ever goes outside.

That is the world I invented for my new SFR series, The Endurance.    The Endurance is a very big ship, holding inside it an entire city.  Everything is contained within the ship and it is on a thousand year journey to its final destination.  The five thousand people aboard the ship live and die never expecting to live anywhere else but the Endurance.

The enclosed system and community presents challenges and drama.  For example, it is impossible to move to another city if you blacken your reputation aboard the Endurance, where everyone knows who you are and your life is controlled by artificial intelligences who decide what work you will do, and if you will be given a child to raise….

Have you ever lived in an enclosed, small community and wished you could escape?  Tell me in comments, below!


5,001, the series prequel, and Greyson’s Doom, the first book in the series, are both now available.

Yesterday’s Legacy is currently available for pre-order, and Promissory Note, book 3, will be available for pre-order very soon.

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