Lingerie – Showing Your Bra Straps

It started as a thing among the high school girls, and it has virused its way up to the older generations now, as a “hip” thing to do.

Along with multiple coloured skinny adjustable straps for multiple camisoles layered on top of each other, two of those straps are going to be for the bra at the bottom of the pack.

If they’re all laying in unison with each other, it’s inevitable and natural and there’s not a lot you can do about your bra strap showing when the camisole strap laying over the top of it isn’t much wider to begin with.

The situation becomes a little more sub-pretty when you have, say, a racer-back top and a normal bra.  Or a strapless top and a normal bra.

I’ve seen both sights walking around on the street and stopped to gape — particularly at the last one.  For some reason, a lot of younger women seem to feel that normal bras and racer backs worn together are perfectly cool, and I’ve grown somewhat enured to the sight.

I grew up with a generation of women that did everything they could to hide their bra straps because they’re, well, underwear.

While the sexual evolution that is currently taking place accepts that almost everything goes, including letting it all hang out in public, I wonder if the new openness isn’t at the same time destroying a major element of sexual allure.  Men like the hint of the hidden and forbidden.  They like catching a glimpse of something that they’re not normally supposed to see.

If it’s all out there for them to see as they’re sitting across the table from you, it takes all the fun away for them.

But if they see one of the pretty new bra straps you can get now, just peeping under the edge of your tank top, then they feel like they’ve got a sneak peek of something they weren’t supposed to see.

It’s a mental game, but it works every time.

It’s not so much that I disapprove of visible bra straps.  But I do think women who wear them outside their clothing are missing a major point in sexy dressing.

Don’t you?




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