Friday’s Mash – July 19, 2013

Goodies I’ve found from chatting, cruising and working lately:

Interesting Sites

Insulin and Its Metabolic Effects

Most people read the word “insulin” and think “I’m not a diabetic” and promptly ignore everything after that.  But insulin and controlling your blood sugar levels turns out to be one of the key to sustainable weight loss.

I found this very, very long article after watching a video that opened my eyes to the insulin issue:

Is The Obesity Crisis Hiding A Bigger Problem?

This TED talk by Peter Attia, M.D., is emotional, moving and more than a little thought provoking.  I immediately changed my diet after this talk and a modicom of research, including giving up artificial sweeteners, which spike blood sugar as much if not more than real sugar.

Kindle Worlds

This is one of those brilliant ideas that are absolutely obvious and simple in hindsight.  It took Amazon to come up with this one.

Published, licensed fan-fiction, that pays the author for their work.

How cool is that?

The site is (was) very, very new and the last time I was there, there were not very many “sponsors” (fanfic worlds to write for), but Vampire Diaries was one of them.  I’m going to be keeping an eye on this site to see who else steps up to the plate.

One of the interesting sponsors is Barry Eisler, who has licensed his John Rain character and situations for readers to write in.

Hint:  Why not suggest to your favourite author that they license their best series and characters?  Then you get to play around in that world forever.  🙂

The published fan fiction is put up for sale on Amazon, so there isn’t even a need to visit the site regularly.  They come to you.

There is a blog, however, that you can subscribe to, to hear about the latest releases.

Make An Egg In A Bacon Cup

Bacon!  Bacon!  When I was fully vegetarian, that was one meat I did miss.  Although it’s barely a meat.  Just a lot of saturated fat and salt.  But it’s soooo good!

This page has a number of recipes featuring “bacon cups”.  Mmmm…


Have a great weekend!

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