Friday’s Mash – October 4, 2013

Goodies I’ve found from chatting, cruising and working lately:

Give a struggling band a leg-up:

Failed Therapy are a young, up-coming heavy metal band, here in Edmonton.  They “fired” their front singer, who threw a hissy fit, and deleted everything on-line: website, Facebook page, you name it.  He’s also taken off with half their music instruments and equipment, too.  A real prince.

Help Failed Therapy get up on their feet once more by passing on the link to their Facebook page ( to anyone you know who likes heavy metal.

Full disclosure:  The lead bass guitar player is my son.  🙂

Really Interesting Sort-of Review

It is a review of Blood Knotsort of.  Preceding the actual review is a long article about how Aubrey doesn’t review very often, and never reviews vampire novels, until now, and why.

Then she finishes with the review.  It’s glowing. 🙂

She’s also added a swiped internet pic showing how she thinks Nial would look.  It’s a pretty damned hot picture, and I’d be happy for Nial to look just like that…

Leaves, Leaves and More Leaves!

It’s fall, and yeah, the leaves are falling.  (Hey, I never saw a real “fall” until I moved to Canada, so for me, falling leaves in reds and golds and yellows is still novel!)

Fall always make me think of composting, when I see the neighbours all carefully rake up their fall leaves and stuff them in rubbish bags for the dustman to take away.  What a waste!  Although, there is a garden refuse recycle program in our city, if you put the leaves, etc., in the right coloured bags.  I don’t see too many of those along the street on garbage day, alas.

6 Easy Steps to a Home-Made Compost Bin

Lots of coloured pictures, too.

Build a Screen for Your Compost Pile


Have a great weekend!

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