Now, THIS is a beach!

HItachi Seaside Park, Japan. Image Credit:  Nipomen2

Western Australian beaches look nothing like this.

The beaches I grew up beside were also full of salt bushes and sandy loam, stunted, windblown shrubs and salt.

But they weren’t pretty and manicured–not at all.

I only have the one photo here, but you should check out all the other photos you can find in a Google Image Search — the park is just stunning, and 180 degrees different from, say, an English garden, or the gardens at Versailles, or the average Australian beach, either.

I must work this place into a story, somewhere….

4 thoughts on “Now, THIS is a beach!”

    1. It’s the Hitachi Seaside Park. Those red bushes are salt bushes, all beautifully trimmed and contained.

      And yes, I’ve never seen beach country look like this either.


  1. Holly Gresham

    Beautiful beach! Even for a park it’s just gorgeous. The beaches around us, we live right on the water, only have scrub brush and dead seaweed. Rockport beach though is pretty well manicured. You can’t even take a dog on the beach. But Padre Island is pretty hopeless at times. They just reopened it after the hurricane Harvey last year. But I don’t think they’ll have many spring breakers this year because there’s still no place to stay. Port Aransas is where most of them stayed and it’s still torn up from Harvey. Rockport only has 2 hotels open right now.

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