Sick of Christmas Romances yet?

Christmas Day might be done and gone, but if you love the season, or if you have a new ereader that needs filling, I have two Christmas romance titles that you might want to consider picking up before the Christmas tree is pulled down.

Home for the Holidays

This is the first anthology I’ve edited, and some amazing writers contributed to the collection.

All the stories in this anthology are “sweet” because I wanted the anthology to be readable for any Christmas Romance lover.


Heart-rending, happy-ending romances to enhance your holidays!

Family get-togethers for the holiday season can soothe our emotions or savage our souls.  No one knows us better than the family and friends we choose to share such times with.

In each of these seven delightful short romances, our heroes and heroines find going home for this season even more of a heart-wrench, for true love challenges their deepest held beliefs.

Going home for the holidays has never felt so wonderful.

Burying His Ghost of Christmas Past

In 2022, I broke out the story I added to the anthology, above.

Unlike the other Christmas stories full of snow and mistletoe, mine is set in Western Australia, where I grew up experiencing Christmases in one of the hottest months of the year


Just in time for Christmas, “masterful” (Romantic Times Magazine) author Tracy Cooper-Posey gives us a Christmas romance story that only she could write.

Nearly twenty years ago, Dane walked away from Narelle on the eve of their wedding.  To escape the humiliation, Narelle fled from outback Australia to big city New York, to focus on her career.

Now she’s back home for Christmas, with every intention of burying the last of her feelings about Dane by good, old-fashioned confrontation….

A Christmas-in-Australia, second chance romance short story that you really don’t want to miss from an Amazon #1 Bestseller in Short Fiction.


You can pick up the anthology here. Because of the multiple authors, I can’t sell it directly on Stories Rule Press (not yet, at least), so this link will take you to the Books2Read page where you can pick your preferred store.

You can pick up Burying His Ghost on Stories Rule Press here. And if you use the coupon code JFRGGM3G, you can get 10% off. I’ve left the coupon usable with other discounts, too. So, if you’ve never bought from SRP before, you can pick up the 10% off discount on the front page for first time customers and get 20% off. If you’ve bought from me before, you can use your reward points to deepen the discount.

Coupon expires midnight January 2nd.

What’s your favourite type of Christmas Romance?

If you like Christmas Romances, what’s your favourite type?

I didn’t write a Christmas Romance this year, as I was too challenged just getting normal books out (long story — if you’re not familiar with my history, see here). But I’m right in the middle of planning for 2024, and I’m thinking a Christmas Romance, perhaps a novel this time, would be a good thing.

What do you think? What length, what sub-genre, how steamy?

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So don’t hesitate to share your opinion.

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