A Helluva Deal and a Don’t Miss This last chance, and One More Vital Piece of News

I have two deals to tell you about today.  I prefer to keep a post at just one item but there’s so much going on at the moment, and these are both time-sensitive.  The third item is one you’ll appreciate, I suspect.

Let’s get on with it.

40% off Promissory Note

Another big deal of the week for you.  Last time, I offered a book set in Canada, as it was Canada Day.  Today I’m offering Promissory Note because, well, this is completely backwards, but I have a post running tomorrow that talks about promissory notes and an anniversary to do with money.   So I thought it would be cute to offer Promissory Note today.

Make sense to you?  Oh, good!

Anyway, Promissory Note is the third book in The Endurance science fiction romance series.  It starts off with the heroine, Laura, finding out that a promissory note she had given to a market stall owner in exchange for…well, something else, has been sold to someone else entirely.  A very unpleasant someone.  The hero.

The whole romance is built around the use of money, how currency works, and most importantly, why.  (Bet you didn’t think money would make a good romance, huh?)

Here’s a for-instance:  Did you know that the British pound note once had the instruction upon it that if you present the pound note to the bank, the bank would give you a pound of gold in return?  The note itself was a promise.  In other words, a promissory note.

But times have moved on.  A pound no longer buys you anything close to a pound of gold.  (I wish!)  Inflation has seen to that.  You won’t find the promise written on the notes anymore, either.    But the implied promise is there–that the note you hold will buy you the equivalent in goods and services.  It’s your confidence in that purchasing power, and the confidence of everyone in your society, that allows fiat money (money not backed by gold, the way it once was) to be used as a medium of exchange.

Once that confidence is broken, once members of society no longer have confidence that they can use that currency to buy things, society can very swiftly collapse. The economy implodes, and it can get very nasty after that.

Promissory Note starts off at the other end of the process; the setting up of currency and trying to instill confidence in the people aboard the Endurance that they can use the money to buy things, instead of using barter and (unofficial) promissory notes.

Tomorrow’s post will have a bit more about that, too.

Check out the blurb for Promissory Note here (because this post has already gone on long enough).

To buy Promissory Note at 40% off, copy this code:


Then click over to the book on SRP here to buy it.

Coupon is valid until end of day MDT, this Friday, July 21st, and only on Stories Rule Press.

PS:  Book 1 of the series is free.  😉

Last Chance to Pick Up Adelaide Becket’s Adventures Cheap

This one caught me by surprise because I’d forgotten something.  I put up Adelaide Becket’s Adventures onto Stories Rule Press for pre-order, announced it here, then set about putting it up for pre-order on all the other retail sites (which is not a short, quick task!).

And ran smack bang into Amazon’s restrictive pricing policies.  That was the thing I’d forgotten.

I seethed for a while.  Amazon is forcing my hand, making it horribly expensive to price the collection at a reasonable price.  And, unfortunately, if I don’t use the same price everywhere else, Amazon will price match, and take the difference in royalties out of my pocket.


I can risk holding the old price on Stories Rule Press for a few days, then I will have to raise it.  At the moment, the set is $14.99 USD.  At the end of the week, it will go up to $19.99.

This is a last-chance warning to grab the set at the old price.

You can find the series information here.

You can pick up the seven-story Adelaide Becket’s Adventures collection here on Stories Rule Press.

No coupon needed–it’s still at the old price…for now.

Faster, Smoother Shopping on Stories Rule Press

This is the news item I hope you find useful.  I know I’m thrilled about it.

I’ve been using the same site host to host all my sites, including Stories Rule Press, for over ten years.

But in the last year or so, the responsiveness of the sites has been diminishing.  And in the last few months, Stories Rule Press in particular was constantly crashing.  If two people tried to buy books at the same time, the whole site went down.

Of course I constantly harangued my site host and demanded they fix it.

Then a couple of weeks ago, it got so bad that when I tried to open a page to edit it (on the back side of the site), it took over TWO MINUTES to open.  If it opened at all.  I was just as likely to get a 503 error code.

My site host had the balls to tell me there was nothing wrong, that they couldn’t re-create the error (i.e., it was all my fault).

I’d been quietly shopping around for potential new site hosts for a few weeks, because I had an uneasy feeling how this was going to go.  So when it became really bad, and when customers (you guys) started to notice, I acted.

After a week or more of long days, longer nights and a new and scary credit card balance, Stories Rule Press is now with a site host who specializes in WooCommerce e-stores.

And it is so fast!!

Even if you don’t want to actually buy something, check out the store and the speed by browsing around:  https://StoriesRulePress.com.  It’s the same address and if you’ve bookmarked it, your bookmarks will continue to work.  It’s where the site is hosted that has changed…and that makes all the difference.

Addendum:  Now I’ve dealt with the major headache, I’ve noticed that now my author sites are starting to misbehave in the same way.  They don’t have ecommerce stores in them, so the load is a bit lighter.  But…<sigh>…I might have to find a new home for them, too.

It’ll have to wait a bit.  The company credit card has to recover from its heart attack, first.


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