My First Kickstarter…and it’s a doozy

Have you figured out yet just how much fun Kickstarter campaigns are?

We’ve been backing quite a few campaigns recently — all of them for authors releasing a new book.  Only, you get way more than just the new book.

Here’s an example.  I backed a Kickstarter that closed in late January — they successfully funded, so yesterday, I got all the goodies that came with my tier.  For around $80 CAD (just under $60 USD), I got:

  1. A 5 book set of science fiction short stories (110 stories)
  2. A 4 book set of crime short stories (100 stories)
  3. 6 Fantasy anthollogies
  4. 3 fantasy novels
  5. And $1,200 in writing classes.

They’re all brilliant goodies, but the last one really thrills me, for the authors who ran the Kickstarter really know how to write (and the process of improving one’s writing never ends).

Last month, Taylen Carver, one of the SRP authors, had a Kickstarter that funded (Taylen writes “straight” urban fantasy). 

And this month, it’s my turn. 

I’m currently working on the next book in the Scandalous Family – The Victorians historical romance series.  And the Kickstarter is focused upon that series. But there’s way more goodies and bonuses you can get.  There’s a dozen different tiers and ways of backing the campaign, and lots of add-ons, too. 

Plus there are stretch goals.  This is where, if the campaign is funded to a certain level, everyone gets the stretch goal bonus.  And this is how I ended up with $1,200 in writing classes with the campaign I backed last month. 

His Outrageous Proposal is the book that the campaign is focused upon. It’s book 4 in the series.   And the Kickstarter campaign is the only way to get hold of the book, as it won’t be released in the general bookstores until June this year.

There is a tier to just get His Outrageous Proposal (and it’s discounted, compared to full retail).  But you might want to check out the other tiers as well, especially if you’re new to the Great Family historical romances.

The Kickstarer pre-campaign page is here.  There’s not much to see right now, because the campaign doesn’t go live until the 6th.  But one of the things you can do there is sign up to be notified when the campaign goes live.

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