And the SFR Beat Goes On…

Yesterday - 3D 1000pxIt’s very nice to go to the Greyson’s Doom page on Amazon and see over 70 reviews already (it’s only been out a week), and some of the very nice comments about the book.  If you are one of the readers who left a review, thank you!

If you enjoyed Greyson’s Doom, then you’ll be pleased to know that book 2.0 in the series, Yesterday’s Legacy, is coming right up.  It will be out on July 14.

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Here’s a snippet:

“The Red Division look after Bridge personnel,” Marlow said, her voice very low. “But there’s a reason they’re called the Red division and not the bodyguard division, or the personnel division.”

“They have other portfolios,” Jonah guessed.

She nodded. “Anything discreet. Investigations that can’t be made public knowledge, covert actions and…more.”

“Illegal reactions,” Jonah breathed. He straightened up with a jerk. “Hayim is with the Palatine teams. I saw him. I saw him. Right out there in the open.”

“If you were to ask him, Hayim will say he’s just a keen tankball fan,” Marlow added.

Jonah’s heart squeezed. “The other teams…they’ll know all this, too.” He rolled his eyes. “No wonder Veda scrambled to get Buellen on her side. They’re upping the stakes….” Fear touched him. He looked at Marlow. “You knew all this, all along.”

She grimaced. “Knowing something doesn’t always mean acting on it.” She straightened up. “They’re waiting for me,” she said.

Jonah lifted his hand and just stopped himself from touching her. “You’re going to speak to Brenden Coin. Let me come with you.”

She shook her head. “No, absolutely not.”

“I need an excuse to not go back to the box,” he said. “This would be a good one. I know Brenden.”

She rolled her eyes. “You think I don’t know that? If you stand next to me while I talk to him, it will be the same as sitting in that box up there. You’ll be picking a side.” Her tone was withering.

Jonah tried to puzzle out what she wasn’t saying. “You think I don’t want to pick a side at all.”

“You’ve gone your whole life standing on the outside, observing and commenting.” She shrugged.

It stung. Jonah knew she had intended it to. She was trying to disengage, to leave him behind because she needed to go and interview Brenden and she was absolutely not going to take him with her.

He shook his head. “Making me angry won’t get rid of me.”

Marlow smiled and it was a confident expression. “Do not doubt that I could get rid of you if I wanted to. I’m being nice, Mr. Solomon. Don’t follow me. Don’t be seen with me. You’ll live a happier life if you do.”

She stepped around him and headed down the concourse.

Jonah watched her until she was nearly out of view, then found his feet were moving him forward, to keep her in sight. He was following her after all. With every step he took he railed at himself.

She was right. He should go home, find an excuse that Veda would accept and stay the hell away from anything to do with tankball. This could only get ugly.

Copyright © Tracy Cooper-Posey
July 2016
All rights reserved.

Yesterday’s Legacy is due for release on July 14, but is already available for pre-order.  Details here.

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