The Grey Lady Blows Out The Candles

Headline_of_the_New_York_Times_June-29-1914 The New York Times newspaper was first published and has been continuously in print since September 18, 1851.  That’s 162 years…not too shabby for a newspaper, especially in this age of Internet news.

The NYT is the third largest newspaper in the United States, and in its 162 year history it has won 112 Pulitzer Prizes.  That’s even less shabby.

The newspaper has the nickname “The Grey Lady”, and was one of the last newspapers to shift from eight columns to six, and to introduce colour photographs.

NY timesThe Times is also considered the newspaper “of record” — you know you’ve been noticed if you’re mentioned in the Times.  Consider that most readers around the globe have heard of and have at times consulted The New York Times Bestseller list.  Most authors consider hitting that list a high point in their careers, too.

Do you read printed newspapers anymore, or do you get your headlines another way?  What’s your preferred method for keeping up to date?



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