Lingerie – A Woman’s Secret Weapon

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 Mothers the world over, for at least three generations, taught their daughters to always wear clean underwear, least they be caught dead in shoddy undergarments.  And thus at least a century of women were train to be paranoid about being caught in public in a state of undress and that what you wore under your outer clothing could somehow be shameful.

You can find the Victorian attitudes of prudishness still lingering here and there these days, which I find hilariously ironic in the name of one of the biggest lingerie companies in the world, Victoria’s Secret.

The truth is, nothing makes you feel sexier and gives your feminine self-confidence a lift than pretty, sexy lingerie that fits properly, flatters your figure, and makes you feel great wearing it.

So what if you`re wearing a pair of workman-like overalls?  Nothings going to stop that little smile from tilting the corner of your mouth, or the sparkle in your eyes if you’re wearing French lace beneath.  And that’s going to have every man wondering what’s on your mind.

Sexy underwear helps put a wiggle in your walk that turns heads, too.

If you haven’t overhauled your lingerie drawers or shelves in at least six months, maybe it’s time to give your ego a boost?


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