Sherrod Story to Guest Here, Friday December 16th

Sherrod Story will be joining me for an interview/guest post on December 16.  She is a fascinating indie author who writes erotic romances of the interracial contemporary kind, and they have a distinct twist of their own — a reflection of their author.  Sherrod’s blog is absorbing reading all of its own, so I’m really looking forward to the interview.

As I’ve written my own share of multicultural and …well, more or less contemporary erotic romance (urban fantasy romances and romantic suspense are both contemporary settings — I know, it’s stretching the point, but…) I feel I have a lot in common with Sherrod.  Besides, we’re both indie published.

And I just love her blog.

Stop by on December 16 to see what else she has to say.


Fiona Love

by Sherrod Story

available at Amazon

When singer/actress Fiona Love meets Dane Craig she wasn’t expecting love, only extremely hot sex. And that’s exactly what she gets. From playing dress up with beauty products, judging the merits of different kinds of soap suds on skin, and playing games of make believe with spankings and silk scarves for props, nothing is off limits.

But Daney-licious, as Fiona calls him, makes phrases like soul mate and true love feel as natural as the free for all lovemaking they enjoy together. Unfortunately, being famous is about as unnatural as you can get. As her star rises, Fiona’s life heats up and a silly misunderstanding parts the new lovers. But Fiona doesn’t run the charts and the box office for nothing. There’s a new love waiting in the wings.

 Natty is an old friend and colleague, and just what she needs to stave off loneliness. One must guard against withdrawal when a good love is taken away quickly, after all, and Natty is tall, handsome and fond of a different kind of game… As he and Fiona collaborate on her new album, studio time stretches far into the night, and often the next day. But Dane is not completely out of the picture. As Fiona juggles movies and music and works to shake loose a habit that could mean the end of her career, tragedy strikes, and it’s anyone’s guess whose love Fiona will chose…


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