Printable, Pretty Checklist of All My Books

If you backed my first Kickstarter campaign, then you already have a copy of my new, printable checklist.

But if you didn’t sign up for His Outrageous Proposal, now you can get the bonus that everyone in the campaign received.

If you’ve downloaded my Reading Order Perpetual, then you’ll have a good idea of what is in the printable.  The Reading Order Perpetual is an ebook which you could print if you really wanted to, but I imagine the printout would look pretty messy.  Also, it doesn’t allow easy editing or checking off.

The printable checklist is a 26 page PDF that lists every single book or story I’ve ever published, with a check box beside each book.  The list is broken up into series, but there is a full alphabetical list at the back of the booklet, too.

As I suggest at the front of the booklet, once you’ve printed it, trim it down to 8 x 5.5 and bind the pages in a way that lets you add and remove pages.  The little disk binders would be ideal.  So would an old personal planner binder, if you still have one lying around.  (I used to love those planners!)

As I release books in the future, I’ll also update the series pages for that book.  Then you just have to print out the series pages, rather than the whole book.

Or you can print out the entire book, if you want, replace all the pages and check everything off again.  

The printable checklist will give you an easy way to keep track of which of my books you already have, and which ones you still have to acquire. 

I built it in response to direct requests from readers. 

I hope you find it useful.

Check out and download the checklist here.


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