Portals 5 – Sample SFR For Free.

Portals 5I got a lovely email from a reader the other day saying how much they enjoy my Science Fiction Romance books.  It was the first time I’ve had direct reader feedback that the SFR titles are being well received, although the reviews for the six SFR titles I have out already are very encouraging.

I mentioned a few weeks ago, too, the Science Fiction Romance Brigade’s Portals project, which is book-sized collections of sample chapters from published SFR titles.

Portals 5 is now out, and that is the volume that has my SFR in it.  I have the first chapter of Faring Soul included.

Portals 6 to 7 are also being released (if they’re not out already), and that will be the last of the Portals books.

You can find Portals 5 on AmazoniTunesKoboB&NARE.

You can find any of the Portals volumes by searching for “Portals” on your favourite bookseller’s site.  They pop up right at the top.


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