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easy chairIt’s been a busy summer so far.

Currently Underway

I’ve done all the world building and I’m a few chapters into a brand new series. This one is science fiction romance. Space Opera! Think Star Wars (Han Solo, anyone?), Star Trek, and really cool movies like Jupiter Ascending.

The series is called the Interspace series — I’ve planned three books for the series, but if it proves popular there’s always ways to write more (as the Destiny’s Trinities series proves!)

Book 1 of the series, the one I’m writing now, is called Faring Soul.  I don’t have a blurb for it yet…perhaps in a couple of weeks’ time, when I’ve got more of the story itself written, I’ll put a blurb together.

But here’s a little flash excerpt for you:

The image was slightly grainy, which told Kare it had been taken some distance from the subject.  But the image was focused and detailed.  It was a landing bay, a rounded and hollow shell, the walls bristling with equipment and tools for servicing craft of every description.

The ship sitting on the pad was a medium-sized long range cruiser that took up most of the space in the bay and made the people working on it seem very small.  “She owns her own ship…” Kare murmured.  “I remember she had one before, too.”

“Possibly the same ship.”

“After a century?”

Vinicius shrugged.  “Private cruisers aren’t cheap, and they’re not easy to find.  There’s no market for them.  There’d be even fewer out on the fringes.”

Kare shifted his attention back to the small group of people standing around the landing struts of the ship.  They weren’t maintenance crew, for they didn’t wear protective gear or shielding.  One of them wore a grey oversuit with a company logo on the back that was just blurred enough it couldn’t be read.  That would be one of the station representatives.

The other two wore civilian clothing, nothing remarkable or highly fashionable that would make them stand out.  On the far left, Catherine Shahrazad stood with her hand on her hip.  Her hair was down, swinging around her shoulders freely.  Next to the other two in the conversation, who were both men, she looked surprisingly small.

“I thought she would be taller,” Kare said.

Vinicius raised a brow.

Kare pointed to the man on her left, the other civilian.  “Crew member?” he asked.

“Navigator or pilot,” Vinicius said.  “He didn’t leave the landing bay at all.  Spent all his time supervising the locals.”

“Navigator,” Kare decided.  “Shahrazad is the pilot.”

Vinicius shwaterlooot him a sharp look.  “I suppose, yes, she must be.”

Release date for the book is yet to be decided, but it will be late September…or later, depending very much on how fast I can write it!


July’s Indie column at Night Owl Reviews

indie authorPrimarily for authors, this is the column I have been writing at Night Owl Reviews for over two years now.

July’s column is up.  Schedule Your Promotions – Resolutions – Indie Pub It


Link Love

Cool stuff I’ve found:

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