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As I mentioned in my working notes at the beginning of the week, I’ve been maximising my two weeks vacation, and working to get some of my out of print books back into circulation once more.

I’ve now officially released four of them, and they’re available for sale.

Eva's Last Dance, Tracy Cooper-Posey, vampire romance, vampire, romance, romance story, erotica, erotic romance, paranormal romance, demon hunter, gargoyle, indie author, short story,Eva’s Last Dance

As the rights for the Teal Ceagh stories at Ellora’s Cave return to me, I’m re-issuing them under my own name, and Eva’s Last Dance is the second story to be re-issued as an Author’s Edition.  (The Royal Talisman was the first.)

Eva’s Last Dance is a short erotic vampire story, so for the moment it is only available in electronic format, but I have plans to include it in an anthology at a later date and the anthology will be issued in ebook and print, too.

Eva’s Last Dance is available at Amazon, Smashwords, and All Romance eBooks, and will filter through to retailers like Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Apple, etc, in the next few weeks.


Forbidden, Tracy Cooper-Posey, Julia Templeton, romance, romance series, historical romance, historical romance novel, historical fiction, romance novel, regency , victorian, England, Indie published, Indie author, Erotic romance, Erotic romance series, Erotic historical romanceForbidden (Scandalous Sirens Book 1)

Formerly released under the Anastasia Black pen name, the erotic historical romance series that starts with Forbidden has been repackaged and released under as an Authors’ Edition under the real authors’ names: Tracy Cooper-Posey and Julia Templeton.  The series has also been officially named, too.

Like all my indie published titles to date, Dar Albert, owner of Wicked Smart Designs created the cover for both the electronic and print versions.

Forbidden is available in all electronic formats from all the major retailers.


Dead Again, Tracy Cooper-Posey, Romance, Romantic suspense, Suspense, Thriller, Romance novel, Indie author, Suspense novel, Montana, Mountains,

Dead Again

I’ve looked forward to releasing this romantic suspense for months.  It is one of my personal favourites amongst my own titles.  Dar Albert really knocked herself out with the cover on this one, too.  She and I conspired to bring Jack, the hero, to life.  Dar was the cover artist who worked on the original Cerridwen Press cover, which I loved and adored, so it was very hard to give that cover up, as I had been staring at it for a few years, and the man on that cover was Jack.

So Dar was very patient with me as we worked to personify Jack once more.  And she nailed it once again.  Jack has just the right degree of scruffiness and desparation to him…and you can sense the rock solid goodness and dependability just beneath.

So I was thrilled to release Dead Again with this cover.

For now, Dead Again is available at Amazon in Kindle and print, although the print edition will filter through to Barnes & Noble and other retailers over the next few weeks.  It is free for Prime members.


Dangerous Beauty, Tracy Cooper-Posey, Julia Templeton, romance, romance series, historical romance, historical romance novel, historical fiction, romance novel, Erotic romance, victorian, England, Indie published, Indie author, Erotic romance series, Erotic historical romance,Dangerous Beauty (Scandalous Sirens Book 2)

Dangerous Beauty was released just yesterday on Amazon, Smashwords and All Romance eBooks.  The cover is flat out gorgeous.  As Natasha, the heroine, is supposed to be the ‘dangerous beauty’ described in the title, she really does live up to her reputation on the cover.  And Seth, the desparate Irish ex-convict from Australia, looks perfect (and helps further cement Australia’s reputation that we’re all descendant from convicts 🙂 ).

Now that we’ve re-issued these two books under our own names, we can continue on with the series.  Some time in the future I will be completing Rhys Davies’ story.


That brings my indie published titles up to thirteen.  I don’t think I’ll hang that number around my neck for too long, though — I’m working on Solstice Surrender right now.




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