My Life/Working Notes – The Cover, The Cover!

The temporary “kitchen” I’m currently working with, and the roughed-in new pantry, which extends back into the space in the wall that used to be our back closet. Can’t wait to see it finished!

Renovations are killing me. My hands have never been so sore and swollen, as frequently as they have been. And my body aches in places I didn’t realize I had muscles until now.

We’re a bit behind schedule right now, so every spare moment is taken up by hanging drywall, prepping and painting, all before the new kitchen cabinets arrive.

I’ve only done one official “cover reveal” before, and have to confess that it feels a bit staged and artificial to do a cover release. I think all the fanfare, contests and blah-blah should be for the book itself.

However, I have the cover for the big book sitting smoking on my hard drive, and in this particular case, the release of the book itself is quite a ways off (and getting more distant thanks to renovation delays chewing into my writing time). So I thought I’d do an informal cover reveal. I’ll tell you when I’ll be putting the cover out live. You can come check it out and read another short except.

At least in that way, you’ll know that I’m actually working on the book instead of just teasing you mercilessly about some story that might one day be produced.

[And on a complete side note: Unless this book turns into a mega best seller and surprises even me, I don’t think I’ll be doing another novel this big for quite a long time. It’s incredibly difficult to write, and meantime, my income is diminishing because I’m not putting any new titles out there. You’ve all been incredibly patient, but the reality is, you can only buy a book once!]

So, Monday, August 4, 2014: I will reveal the new cover for The Branded Rose Prophecy. See you then!


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