My Life – Post CHAINS Recovery…

coffee beans and brewedAs I write this, I’m looking at the end of a marathon writing/posting month, in order to keep up with the Kiss Across Chains blog tour.

By the time you read it, you’ll already know who all the winners were for the big sweepstakes that went with it.  If you won, congratulations!

A few days ago, Ningaloo Nights was released, and so my chance of drawing breath just disappeared.  🙂

This is actually a slower time than what the pace will be like from September 6 onwards, when I’ll be releasing a new title nearly every second week.  (Check here for a list of those titles).

This is a (relatively) quiet period I should take advantage of, to get some serious mileage down on the upcoming titles…

Romantic Times Booklovers Convention

The big news for right now is that Mark and I are booked and plan on attending the RT Booklovers Convention in New Orleans in May 2014.

I’ll be working on promotions and special treats for readers who will be there, and will announce those plans later in the year.

Are you going?  Sing out!  Let me know!


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