My Life – February 9, 2013: Erotic Romance Workshop, St. Albert.

TeacherI will be holding a two hour primer + workshop at the St. Albert Public Library next Saturday, on Erotic Romance.  It’s intended for complete beginners and the curious.

If you’ve had even a mild thought about writing erotic romance, this is your opportunity to come and find out what writing erotic romance really entails, and try your hand at a scene or two (and see if you melt in the process).

I was interviewed by the St. Albert Gazette during the week about the workshop, and I’ve been given two conflicting dates for when the article is appearing — today, or next Saturday.  If you flip over to the St. Albert Gazette site today, you might find that article on their site.  I have no idea how it reads, as they didn’t send me a preview.  I could come across as just terrible! [postscript — it’s 6am and I just flipped over — the article is up, here.]

The workshop itself will be broken up into two portions.  There will be a “primer” section at the front where I will walk everyone through the basics of the erotic romance industry and what writing erotic romance involves.  There will be a short Q&A period as well.

The workshop section is very much hands-on — you get to write and edit your own sex scene, with input from everyone else in the class.

The workshop will be held between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 16th, at the St. Albert Public Library.  If you have any questions about the workshop, feel free to contact me, or the Library directly at 780-459-1682.  You do need to register in advance for the workshop.

5 St. Anne Street
St. Albert, Alberta,
Canada, T8N 3Z9


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