Hogwarts Here on Earth is 378 Today

The dining hall at Hogwarts
The dining hall at Hogwarts
The freshman’s dining hall at Harvard

Everything I know about Harvard is from stories. Frazier, from Cheers and Frazier, studied there, as did his brother Niles.

So did Charles Emerson Winchester III from M.A.S.H.

But I think the most fascinating thing about Harvard is the freshman dining hall, which looks almost identical to the main hall at Hogwarts, in the Harry Potter movies. The resemblance was pointed out in this hysterically funny TED talk by Shawn Achor, the author of The Happiness Advantage.

Harvard is 378 years old today. It was founded in 1636, which is just staggering, considering how raw and uncivilized the American Colonies were at that time. Apparently, they were sophisticated enough to think a university was a necessity.

Good move.



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