Friday’s Mash – September 21, 2012

Goodies I’ve found from chatting, cruising and working lately:

Interesting Sites

How Can I Get This Horrible Song Out of My Head?

Know how you get a song stuck in your head, or just a fragment of one.  Even if you don’t know the words, or you’ve got a phrase stuck in your head, and you just know the words are wrong, but you can’t help repeating the phrase over and over, and over, while the notes keep playing in your mind.  You hum, you whistle, you tap out the rhythm until you catch yourself…

Those are earworms.  Find out why you catch them and what you can do to get rid of them.

 YouTube to MP3 Converter – Video2mp3

If there’s a song on YouTube you really, really want on your iPod, here’s a converter than will produce an MP3 file for you.

Simple English Wikipedia

If conversations about Theory of Relativity or String Theory, or Regression Analysis make you want to curl up in a corner and go to sleep, then the Simple English Wikipedia is your answer.  It’s just like Wikipedia, except it rephrases everything in very simple language.  It’s fantastic for when you want to grasp very complex subjects quickly, or want a 30,000 foot overview of a broad topic area.

LendInk, Author Activism, and the Need for Critical Thinking

The title is more or less self-explanatory.  It’s a writer-beware article, but it’s also a nice summation of all the activity that has happened lately.

10 Shades of Stupid: Cosmo’s Worst BDSM Tips 

This one is hilarious!!!

No one, it seems, is above jumping on the Fifty Shades of Grey gravy train…


Blood Stone page – The buy link is live, and added the book tour details.

Overhauled the New Releases page.

Overhauled Series & Trilogies page.

Updated the page for Blood Knotshowing its best seller status.

Created a series page for the Blood Stone series.

Updated the Awards & Achievements page.


Have a great weekend!

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