Free Romantic Suspense All Weekend – DEAD AGAIN, One Time Only.

If you’ve only ever read my paranormal romances…or never read my stuff at all — if the erotic MMF sexy talk has made you hesitate (we won’t tell), then this weekend you’ve run out of excuses.

Dead Again, the lead novel in my romantic suspense collection, is free for download at Amazon.  It isn’t erotic — it’s a good old fashioned heart-breaking pulse-pausing romantic suspense.

If you’re about to point out that you don’t have a Kindle to read it on, I’ll take care of that, too.  Later today I’ll post a quick how-to on how you can still read Amazon books without a Kindle, just like I do.

Click here to download Dead Again

If you’ve read Dead Again, or you have romantic suspense-loving friends, pass this post on to them.


Ten years ago, Sophie and Jack survived a small plane crash. They fell in love in the five days they were stranded on a mountainside, but Jack’s injuries were ultimately fatal. Jack’s love and death left indelible fingerprints on Sophie’s soul and completely changed her life.

Sophie is now a stressed single mom in a small Montana Rockies town, running a café and warding off the attention of the town’s corrupt Chief of Police when a drifter called Martin arrives in Serenity Falls. Martin holds the key to Sophie’s heart, along with a secret that will rip apart the town.

He plunges her into after-shocks caused by the five days she spent with Jack in the mountains, stirring up state governors, district attorneys and one of the deadliest crime lords in the land. Martin’s secret puts Sophie directly in their cross-hairs.

For Sophie, life is about to change all over again…


Have a great weekend!

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